5 Tips for Choosing a Leasing Only Service for Your Rental Property in Fort Collins

5 Tips for Choosing a Leasing Only Service for Your Rental Property in Fort Collins

Like many landlords, you probably got into real estate because you have a talent for spotting a great deal on a property.

But do those talents and interests extend to the everyday demands of real estate, like listing and marketing your property?

A leasing only service is a popular option for landlords who want to leave their everyday work to someone else and move on to their next deal. Here's how it works in Fort Collins.

1. Choose a Local Team

There is no substitution for a leasing agent who knows the location. So make sure that's top of your list when shortlisting companies.

They should understand the rental market in Fort Collins, including demand, demographics, and sought-after neighborhoods.

They'll also know about current market trends, such as rising or falling prices.

That way, they can help you price and market your property competitively. This will improve your chances of securing an excellent tenant so that you can start receiving rental income.

2. Check for a Comprehensive Screening Service

Tenant screening is a crucial part of any leasing service. It's best to protect your investment and property from bad tenants and reduce the risk of expensive and lengthy eviction proceedings.

Choose a company with a streamlined process for running background checks on potential tenants. You want one that's swift and comprehensive.

It should include criminal checks, credit checks, and character references. You also want to check that a tenant can afford your property through employment and income records.

3. Choose One With A Proven Marketing Approach

Good marketing will help secure a tenant faster. You want a company that knows the right tricks to a perfect property listing, such as a captivating title, keyword-rich description, and excellent photography.

Experienced leasing teams will also use other helpful tools, such as video or virtual tours. They may even list your site in multiple places, such as social media or online ads, to generate more interest.

4. Check Their Fees

When comparing and contrasting leasing service fees, it's essential to look at what you get. You may not be comparing like with like, and that's important because you want value for money.

Check whether the fee is a flat rate or a percentage of the monthly rent and whether there are any additional costs above the standard fee. This will help you avoid unexpected expenses.

5. Check the Leasing Company's Reputation

Always do a background check to ensure you are choosing a reputable company. Read online reviews and testimonials to learn about other landlords' experience with that leasing company.

Getting some referrals by networking at local real estate events is also worthwhile.

Remember that a good reputation is hard to come by, so if a company has glowing feedback from other landlords, that's a good sign that they'll tick many of your other boxes.

Leasing Only Service: Keeping Your Property Management Streamlined

A leasing only service can take the hassle out of property management. Plus, with the most streamlined property managers in charge, you can secure a tenant quickly and start receiving your rental income.

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